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    Ranks of Oak Claw


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    Ranks of Oak Claw Empty Ranks of Oak Claw

    Post by Lady on Thu Oct 08, 2015 4:26 am

    Alphas: There is a female leader, and a male leader. Both lead the pack on hunts, and they are also the first to defend their pack. They are the strongest wolves in the pack and lead with iron paws.

    Betas: These are the second in command. They take care of the pack when the Alpha pair is away. They are also allowed to give punishments when deserved, and are treated just as respectfully.

    Elites: These are the stronger warriors of the pack, and the close confidants of the high ranks. They train the Warrior of the pack, and are also responsible for showing newcomers around. Both Alphas and Betas always have two Elites with them when away from the pack.

    Shaman: There is only one Shaman of the pack. He/She trains the Healers of the pack. Always seen gathering herbs and is the babysitter when the pack is off on hunts.

    Hunters: These wolves are speciificly trained in stealth. They slink through the shadows, almost becoming shadows themselves. They are the best hunters of the pack, but not the best of fighters. They may not be the strongest fighters, but they make sure we get enough on the hunts so that we do no starve and grow weak.

    Warriors: This is what makes up the bulk of the pack. They travel all over the territory keeping lone wolves away, and bringing new wolves into the pack they think their alphas will deem worthy.

    Healers: These wolves usually follow the Shaman around helping gather herbs and they treat minor wounds of the pack.

    Omega: These are the weakest wolves of the pack. They eat last, and are always seen around the den helping baby sit pups.

    Do no ask for Alpha, Beta, or Elite rank. The Alpha spots are already taken, and the Beta and Elite ranks must be earned.

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